The Australasian Centre for Rail Innovation (ACRI) undertakes targeted, applied research and strategic analysis to solve issues raised by rail industry participants or other entities whether with a commercial or public policy interest in the rail sector or transport sector more broadly to support and ensure continued improvement in productivity and sustainability to underpin the competitive position of the Australasian Rail Industry.

ACRI is uniquely positioned to draw together industry and governments and other entities with an interest in the rail and transport sector to tackle challenges and issues of common concern.

ACRI’s independence helps achieve community acceptance and therefore a “Community licence” in respect of research and solutions focused on the recurring issues faced by the rail industry and the community

The focus on transport policy has in turn highlighted the need to increase the use of rail as an efficient, environmentally friendly mode for heavy haul, freight and passenger movement.

ACRI operates by a series of agreements with entities from across the sector, called ‘Participants’.

The research that forms the central part of the ACRI model and allows organisations to pool their resources, thereby improving outcomes for the entire  sector and supporting the wider reform agenda.

This approach not only achieves a funding multiplier effect through pooling of resources, but also provides economic benefits from harmonised or standardised outcomes across Australia and New Zealand.

All contributions by a Participant are directed to Agreed Research areas, which are determined by the Participants and consistent with their strategic objectives. Linking industry and government to tackle transport challenges and issues of common concern with quality research and analysis provided by some of Australia’s leading universities and specialists.