ACRI provides practical, implementable solutions to the challenges faced by both private and public rail industry entities and the transport sector more broadly.  Attributes of ACRI include:

  • Uniquely positioned to draw together industry and governments and other entities with an interest in the rail sector or transport sector to tackle challenges and issues of common concern.  This approach achieves a funding multiplier effect through pooling of resources, as well as major economic benefits from harmonised or standardised outcomes across Australasia.
  • Strategic Research Partners participate in ACRI to mutual benefit.  This leads to engaging the best capability available on a cost effective basis.  These partnerships also maintain an Australian rail research capability which has long term economic benefits for both Australia and New Zealand.
  • ACRI’s independence helps achieve community acceptance and therefore a “Community licence” in respect of research and solutions focused on recurring issue faced by the industry and the community.
  • A key feature of ACRI is “a knowledge search and broking capability”. ACRI is developing an industry data and international intelligence gathering capability to help identify existing solutions to issues as well as gaps in cross-industry R&D activities.