Vicki Brown, Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer, Australasian Centre for Rail Innovation.

ACRI welcomes new Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Meier

The Australasian Centre for Rail Innovation is to have a new Chief Executive Officer, so this will be my last newsletter before my retirement in mid-July when the new CEO will take over.

Fortunately, ACRI has secured the services of Andrew Meier, who has extensive experience in the Australian and New Zealand transport sectors, particularly in the field of research.

For the past decade, Andrew has worked for the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB).  ARRB is the source of independent expert transport knowledge, supporting and delivering high-quality applied research for Australian and New Zealand road agencies (its members) and for the community.

Andrew’s extensive knowledge of the Australasian road industry and its connections to rail make him an ideal candidate to become CEO of ACRI.  As leader of the National Interest Services program of ARRB, Andrew has made a significant contribution to the development of the ACRI/NIS Rail Knowledge Bank.

I am delighted with Andrew’s appointment and I feel confident that ACRI will not only be in a safe pair of hands, but will have at its head someone that will ensure ACRI continues to grow in its position as the leader in rail innovation in Australia and New Zealand.

For myself, I consider that I have been very privileged to have spent the last years of my career working in Rail.  It is a wonderful industry.  I would like to especially thank John Anderson who, as Chair of ACRI, has been an inspiration to work with.  I would also like to thank the staff of ACRI for their enthusiasm and support.  I truly believe that ACRI’s success, to date, is a testimony to having dedicated staff, a fully engaged Chair and Board and supportive colleagues in the industry.  Our research providers have also embraced the ACRI model and have worked with the ACRI team to ensure that we are delivering exactly what Industry have requested.

It is going to be an exciting time in rail with major new projects in the pipeline, especially Inland Rail. These will present enormous opportunities for new research and applying existing research to improve safety, drive economic efficiency and ensure sustainability in the industry.