ARC Training Centre for Advanced Technologies in Rail Track Infrastructure (ITTC-Rail)

ACRI is an industry partner and advisory board member in this Australian Research Council initiative coordinated by the University of Wollongong to aid the specialist training of industry-focused researchers.

Researchers not only work closely with industry on the formulation of their projects but also undertake a significant period of placement within an industry organisation. This exposure is designed to greatly aid their ability to add immediate value to industry on completion of their research.

ACRI is directly involved in the following ITTC-Rail research:

  • Health monitoring, vibration attenuation and robust track materials
  • Mitigating severe dynamics of trains and track through novel designs
  • Smart sensing geogrids for health monitoring in rail tracks
  • Modelling transition zones and optimal design adjoining tunnels and bridges
  • Geotechnical methods of stabilising problematic subgrade along Melbourne-Brisbane Inland Rail

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