Game Changing & Transformative – Regional Australia Level Crossing Safety Program

The Australasian Centre for Rail Innovation applauds the creation of Regional Australia Level Crossing Safety Program. This unique, game changing and transformative $180.1 million program will be a watershed moment to address the disproportionate regional road death tally.

The proposed multi-pronged approach covering upgrades, education, data collection and research will for the first time maximise industry and community collaboration in the pursuit of less incidents, accidents and deaths.

The time for implementation of innovative research has arrived.

Extract from the Deputy Prime Minister’s media release –

Life-saving road safety investment

New funding in this year’s Budget will deliver more road safety projects in regional areas, where the road fatality rate is disproportionately 10 deaths per 100,000 persons compared to two deaths per 100,000 persons in metropolitan areas.

The Government will invest $180.1 million to establish the Regional Australia Level Crossing Safety Program, which includes:

  • $160.0 million for upgrades to level crossings;
  • $6.5 million to deliver a national level crossing safety education and awareness campaign;
  • $5 million to support research into and trials of new level crossing technologies and safety measures; and
  • $2 million for improved data collection and risk assessment for level crossings.

Through this new commitment and our existing initiatives, the Government is investing more than $25 billion over the next four years in road safety projects to reduce deaths on our roads and spare families from the immeasurable impact these tragedies have.