Building on initial ACRI research to further inform rail operation performance and safety with evaluations of infrared imaging for detecting temperature changes in rail foot flaws, and laser induced ultrasonic guided wave techniques for rail foot flaw detection.

Despite significant technological advancements, rail foot flaws resulting in breakages of rails still occur and can lead to train derailments

The proposed research is based on an extensive review conducted by the proponents on several rail flaw detection techniques that have been researched by various research groups all over the world.

The review also focused on already available commercial rail flaw detection solutions giving emphasis to rail foot flaw detection. All commercial vendors contacted confirmed that there is no reliable rail foot flaw detection product in their standard product lines.

While the review revealed the fact that there is no off the shelf product available for rail foot flaw detection, it enabled identifying the detection methodologies that could be adapted for rail foot flaw detection.

Based on those findings, this project will research and develop a reliable rail foot flaw detection method which could be added to a moving vehicle rail flaw detection system.