Developing a field tested and operational End of Train device prototype

An engineered end of train device (EOT) prototype has been developed and field tested by ACRI to Pilbara heavy haul requirements for use in electronically controlled pneumatic brakes (ECP).

Individual ACRI participants will now add customisations to this device, including application as a derailment countermeasure. This new device will be enabled with a remote activation digital input that can apply emergency brakes in any location of the network.

This is the first time an ECP EOT has been designed to include a remote emergency activation feature – even exceeding the present international requirements of the American Association of Railways (AAR).

As an illustration of the potential efficiency savings, BHP’s train derailment incident in December 2018 was the major factor in the 6 percent decrease in their iron ore productivity in the December 2018 quarter and a resulting financial impact of approximately $AU800m. ACRI’s end of train device research has been delivered for a collective financial outlay of approximately $AU200,000.