This register, an initiative of the National Level Crossing Safety Committee, builds on previous work connected with the TrackSAFE Foundation to collate information on level crossing technologies and engineering interventions that have had a level of known evaluation or field trial. It aims to facilitate information-sharing across jurisdictions, avoid resource duplication and the opportunity for greater collaboration.

ACRI  has agreed to become custodian of the Register, assisting with content management and hosting it on the ACRI website.

Register Content Development Policy

  • Online, open access resource designed to offer a single repository of trials of level crossing safety technologies known to have been undertaken in Australia, and where identified, internationally.
  • Register to detail the engineering or technology enhancement and offer some level of information on known trial/evaluation/safety integrity level (SIL) rating. Trial details should be provided on the understanding information will be publicly accessible.
  • In the interests of also offering a forum for emerging information, there is a separate area for recording succinct descriptions of developing but not yet evaluated concepts.
  • Currency of information was reviewed during establishment of online Register (2019) with a call out for updates to be conducted annually with the assistance of the National Level Crossing Safety Committee. A formal review of the Register will be conducted every 5 years


Please contact ACRI ( regarding the inclusion of additional interventions, or with comments or questions