All entities, both private and public, with an interest in rail and/or the broader transport sector can become a Participant of ACRI. Participants can join ACRI as part of Agreed Work Programs, individually for commissioned work, or both. All work undertaken by ACRI is targeted to meet the needs of individual Participants whether as part of Agreed Work Programs or commissioned research. Participants determine the type of research that is undertaken.

ACRI does not have a membership fee. Contributions are directed to agreed work programs determined by the Participant. There is a small administration fee attached to all projects to support the tightly managed corporate office. An appropriate project management fee is also applied to all projects.

Participants-Only Portal

Important notice: Please contact to receive new and unique user credentials if you have difficulties accessing the Portal or wishing to register and gain access to the Portal.

Please note: Google Chrome web browser must be used to access the ACRI Participant’s Portal.

ACRI Participants can follow this link to access the Participants’ Area of the ACRI website.

The Participants’ Area can also be accessed by clicking on the ‘person’ icon at the far right of the website menu bar:

Participants' Area