ACRI is structured to provide the greatest flexibility to Participants. Participants can join ACRI as part of agreed work programs, individually for specific projects or both. Participants determine the types of research or analysis to be undertaken.

An additional form of participation is through Strategic Research Partners such as Universities or other entities that undertake research. Specific Groups, for example Rail Industry Safety Standards Board (RISSB) Working Groups, Australasian Railway Association (ARA) Working Groups, TrackSafe, other government agencies or other interested entities, can also request and fund research to be undertaken by ACRI or join agreed work programs.

All work undertaken by ACRI is targeted to meet the needs of individual Participants whether as part of agreed work programs or specific projects. Clear ownership and usage rights are established from the outset of each project.  There is a strong focus on project management to ensure that outputs are valuable, timely and produced on a cost effective basis and an analysis of the effectiveness of the project is undertaken on the completion of each project.

Associate Membership

ACRI has created a new way for companies to take advantage of ACRI’s research, strategic and economic analysis experience.

Under the new arrangements, companies that contract with, manufacture for, or supply to the rail industry or broader transport sector are invited to join ACRI as Associate Members. Contractors, manufacturers and suppliers who wish to become full Participants of ACRI are still welcome to join at that level.

Associate Members will still be able to direct funds to specific Agreed Work Program projects if they wished or join with other Associate Members to request projects that are separately funded. ACRI believes the creation of Associate Membership will give it stronger links to the contracting, manufacturing and supplier sector and help ensure a holistic approach to rail innovation.

How To Be Involved

To find out more about becoming a participant of ACRI or to work with ACRI on specific projects, please contact us.