Passive Crossing and Tabletop Carriages

What was the issue?

Tabletop carriages present a risk to motorists at level crossings due to their low profile when unladen. Although many tabletop carriages have retro-reflective tape applied to them to assist with conspicuity at night, the tape often gets dirty and its visibility is therefore compromised.

Passive solutions, either infrastructure or carriage based, sought to assist drivers to identify the presence of tabletop carriages that may be mobile or stationary.

What was done?

Exploration of potential countermeasures, identification of research projects and literature review.

What was found?

Literature review did not identify any solutions specific to addressing the issue of the conspicuity of tabletop carriages at night, but various countermeasures for aiding motorists in identifying the level crossing itself were reviewed.

Areas of potential further research to assist in mitigation of the issue identified.