UIC is looking for a Deputy Director General (from 1.1.2019) who can accompany the Director General and take over his functions at the end of his contract (mid 2019)

Job description for the UIC future Director General

The Job description of the future Director.General shall be in conformity with the provisions of the UIC Statutes, in particular art.9, and the UIC Internal regulations.

The Director-General (DGS) shall have sole responsibility for the management, administration and financial performance of UIC, in accordance with the application of French law however, the DGS may delegate part(s) of the powers concerned to one or more persons appointed temporarily or permanently.

In particular, the DGS shall

  1. . Determine the number and tasks of the working bodies (to be approved by the General Assembly as provided for by Article 5.5.15 – page 8) and of (special) working bodies needed to implement UIC’s aims (with the obligation to report to the General Assembly and to inform the Executive Board)
  2.  Draw up his/her own proposals and/or implement proposals concerning issues to be studied in the form of projects as decided by the General Assembly.
  3. Report to the General Assembly and Executive Board regarding the work of these working bodies for their analysis, in particular if a decision is required by the General Assembly.
  4. Ensure the efficient working of the UIC bodies.
  5. Propose to the General Assembly for approval an efficient operational structure for UIC HQ based on the governance structure approved by the General Assembly in accordance with the terms of Articles 5.3 – page 7 and 7.5.8 – page 13 and in particular. the number of Department Directors and their areas of responsibility.
  6. Appoint (among others) in consultation with the Chair and the two REDs the Directors of the Technical Departments and inform the General Assembly and Executive Board of these appointments (including their terms of contract) and terminate the contracts in the same way.
  7. Assume responsibility for public relations and representation of UIC as an association to the wider world, taking action on behalf of UIC vis-a-vis third parties in all circumstances and in particular, representing UIC in all legal proceedings, taking civil action and agreeing all settlements.
  8. Prepare the meetings of the General Assembly and submit an annual management report to the GA; propose the amounts of the base fees and the base budgets.
  9. Supervise and coordinate the actions of the two REDs (if any)

The Director General shall be ready to travel to represent the association worldwide and meet Members and in the same time keep managerial control of the Headquarters in Paris. 

Job profile:

  • Perceived as politically “neutral” and equipped with a University degree (Management, economics, engineering, law and so on), the Director General should have the following skills:
  • Having an experience with a full-fledged railway in a high executive position for several years and with a technical understanding of the rail system
  • Experience in association management or preparation to be trained in association management may also be an asset,
  • Having experience in contacts and working with high International organizations, national, and top management executives

Management skills:

  • Ability to work in a complex environment where the research for consensus/agreement in a multicultural diversity is of paramount importance to succeed
  • Management capabilities in an international environment
  • Capacity to synthesize and to develop a strategic vision for the Association and the mobility sector
  • Multidisciplinary projects leadership
  • Strong listening, communication and negotiation skills
  • Overall work responsibility of over 10 years in management and coordination roles is required
  • Ability to work as a team in a collaborative environment


  • Inspiring leadership from and for the railway community, team leadership and capacity to empower and lay out a compelling vision and strategy
  • Creativity and ability to think ”outside the box”
  • Great communication skills with special attention for the multicultural environment (“Best advocate for rail transport”)
  • High sense of diplomacy (‘ambassador”)
  • Members-minded
  • Market sensitivity

Language proficiency

The Director General must at least have an excellent command of English and an ability to work in a French environment

Terms and conditions of employment:

The Director General shall be appointed for a term of office of 4 years, renewable once for another term of 3-4 years. After 3 years of office, the Director General in charge shall be informed by the President as to whether or not his contract shall be renewed upon its termination date.

The remuneration package shall be finally decided by the Executive Board upon a specific recommendation to be made by the Chairman. It will be done according to equivalent positions on the market and will allow to attract the best candidate for the position.

Will be composed by a:
– Base Salary
– A Performance Bonus in principle of 40% of Base Salary in case of performances at target and a 60% bonus in case of overachievement of 150% , paid annually and based on meeting pre-defined KPI’s agreed to by the Chairman and the DG
– The salary is added with some fringe benefits in line with the ones present in the current plan
UIC will provide a standard relocation package for candidates that are not already based in Paris’
– Vacations per year amount up to 30 working days

The Director General should have or move his residence in Paris

The contract of the Director General-designate shall be drafted with the assistance of a French lawyer and signed jointly by the Director General- designate and the Chairman

Each applicant shall undergo an assessment performed by the Executive Board and concluded by a ranking to be forwarded to the General Assembly for decision.
The Executive Board will be assisted by a professional Head Hunter in its assessment.

Apply to :

Renato Mazzoncini

Chairman UIC


16 rue Jean Rey – F-75015 Paris