The Australasian Centre for Rail Innovation’s collaborative structure unites private and government rail entities from Australia and New Zealand in the pursuit of rail innovation in response to both current and future industry challenges. The collaboratively agreed initiatives are targeted at the areas of participants greatest needs and independently delivered via universities, research providers and commercial subject matter expertise. The Australasian Centre for Rail Innovation also undertake bespoke strategic analysis, research and policy initiatives for both participants and the broader rail industry

ACRI Organisational Capability Maturity Model (OCMM) & Track Worker Safety (TWS) Project Overview

2 minute animation video general overview of the ACRI and UOW developed systems engineering tools for graphically planning and understanding the implications of new technology implementation for railway track work and across your entire organisation. To help you understand the possibilities and identify opportunities for your railway business.

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Rail Track Worker Safety Options

This research is Track worker safety (TWS) options available for Australian railways.

ACRI Strategic Objectives and Operating Principles

This paper outlines the longer-term strategy, taken by ACRI in the delivery of research.

Level Crossing Signage

Level Crossing Safety Interventions Register

This register, is an initiative of the National Level Crossing Safety Committee,

ACRI Public Research Reports

ACRI publicly available research available here.

Rail Knowledge Bank

NIS / ACRI Rail Knowledge Bank

Developed and maintained by the ARRB Group under the National Interest Services (NIS) program.

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ACRI appoints Robert Moffat as Chief Executive Officer

Posted 1.07.20, at 4:33pm

The Australasian Centre for Rail Innovation (ACRI) welcomes the appointment of Robert Moffat to the role of Chief Executive Officer. Rob commences his role with ACRI on 1 July 2020 and will be based in Canberra along with the ACRI team. Chairman of ACRI and former Deputy Prime Minister and…

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Collaboration to ID best practice safety for Aussie rail workers

Posted 21.05.20, at 12:11pm

Australia’s leading authorities on rail safety will join forces to identify world standard safety technology that can be deployed to protect workers on our nation’s rail networks. Working on behalf of The Office of the National Rail Safety Regulatory (ONRSR) and the Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board (RISSB), the…

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Amber lights at Level Crossings – Research

Posted 19.02.20, at 3:41pm

ACRI is to undertake research to understand better whether the addition of advanced warning through an amber phase is likely to (i) reduce the likelihood of failure to stop at red light signals, and (ii) be implemented in an effective manner at existing active crossings in Australasia.

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