The Heavy Haul Research Area is overseen by a working group representing ACRI participants that are either providers of heavy haul rail services or manage heavy haul rail to bring their products to market, with mining operators an example of the latter.

Group members offer research ideas and endorse project proposals, research milestones and final outputs, with a focus to continually improve the safety, efficiency, connectivity and sustainability of heavy haul operations.

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Research In-Delivery:
ARC5 Mud Pumping in Heavy Haul Railroads – Assessment & Control
HH12-13 Limits for Load Distribution for an Individual Wagon and a Consist of Loaded Wagons
HH01C Moving Vehicle Rail Foot Flaw Detection – Vibrothermography
HH09B Rail Welding
HH30 Ballast Stiffness Monitoring
HH27 Wear Simulation Development
HH31 On Board Low Cost Derailment Warning System
HH38 Fit for Purpose Condition Monitoring – Mechanised Inspection
Research Completed:
HH01A Moving Vehicle Rail Foot Flaw Detection – Initial Project
HH01B Evaluating Infrared Imaging and Laser Ultrasonics as Detectors of Rail Foot Flaws
HH02A Broken Rail Detection Without IRJ’s – Initial Project
HH03A Track Structures vs Train Dynamic & Load Effects – Initial Project
HH03B Quantifying the Impact on Track Maintenance of High Traction Locomotives
HH06 Permanent Way Condition Monitoring Inspection Best Practice
HH07 Empty Train Aerodynamic Improvements
HH08A End of Train Devices – Initial Project
HH08B End of Train Devices – Full Project
HHO9 Developing Process Recommendations for Effective Flash Butt Welding on a Range of Premium Rail Types
HH15 Assessing Suitability of Drones for Heavy Haul Track Inspection
HH23 Evaluating Suitability of Marvin for Loco Mounted Rail Condition Monitoring
OTH05A Near Misses in Remote Locations: Investigating Rail Level Crossing Incidents in the Pilbara
OTH05B Improving Understanding of Incident Causation and Risk Mitigation at Remote Level Crossings
HH10 Investigating Inertial Dynamics Associated with Chord Based Track Geometry Measurements
HH23B Evaluating Suitability of Marvin for Loco Mounted Rail Condition Monitoring – Field Trials
HH22 Combined Track Geometry Irregularities Including Cyclic Faults
HH19 Developing Methodology for Concrete Sleeper Life Prediction
HH02B Readying Industry for the Implementation of New Technologies in Broken Rail Detection

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