The Level Crossing Research Area is overseen by a working group representing ACRI participants that have pooled research funds to collectively inform and advance the safety of level crossing operations.

Group members offer research ideas and endorse project proposals, research milestones and final outputs.

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Research in-delivery:
LC15B Field testing rail level crossing flange gap elimination products
LC17B Train Horn Investigation – Stage 2
Research completed:
LC01A Evaluation of LES User Behaviour Study
LC01A Evaluation of LES Observational Study
LC01B Vysionics Vector LX system evaluation
LC02 Level crossing sighting distances
LC07 Impact of Waiting Times on Risk and Standardisation of Waiting Times
LC11A Passive crossings and tabletop carriages – initial project
LC11B Evaluating retro-reflective screens to aid conspicuity of tabletop carriages a passive level crossings
LC13 Better stimulus around Level Crossing control – initial project
LC13B Identifying improved stimuli for road user attention at level crossings
LC15 Identifying and testing products that eliminate the need for level crossing rail flange gaps
LC16 Active ‘Expect Trains’ sign trial
LC17 Investigating the use of train horns at rail level crossings
LC18 Evaluating level crossing visual warning devices for pedestrians using eye-tracking
LC20 Developing a tool to guide sighting distance generation for private level crossings
LC25 Evaluating safety measures and behaviours at level crossings along maintained but non-operational rail corridors
LC28 Amber Lights for the Active Flashing Controls at Level Crossings
LC30 International Project on Trespass & Self Harm

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