ACRI has conducted a review of current international practices in the prevention of trespass and suicide/self-harm incidents on urban rail systems and explored the findings with ACRI participants in stakeholder forums.

This has highlighted that for Australia and New Zealand, rail trespass and suicide is a complex issue which needs a multi-layered approach for an effective, sustainable solution. Analysis of the data from the forums identified key themes and topic areas with the major focus on communication and information sharing.

Rail R U OK? Day highlights the benefits of communication for mental health amongst work colleagues in the rail industry. This industry-wide initiative inspires rail employees to engage

in regular, meaningful conversations and ask the important question “Are you Ok?” of those around them. One of the sector-specific impacts on the mental health of those within the rail industry is their exposure to fatalities on the

network.  ACRI’s work to inform the Australasian rail sector of the current state of international practice in trespass and suicide/self-harm prevention has made knowledge of initiatives more accessible and fostered discussion on potentially applicable countermeasures.  Download the research summary here. The literature review and summary of presentation roadshow are available as public reports.